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By definition, a yogi is quite simply “a person who practices yoga”, but those who self-identify as a yogi likely practice yoga with a high level of commitment, self-acceptance, and self-discipline. Yoga is for each and everyone. Its advantages can be experienced by learners of any age, shape, size, and gender.

While popular media often portrays yogis as young, fit bodies performing inversions and other challenging poses along a backdrop of beautiful vistas, yogis focus not only on the body, but also the mind and the spirit. Posting pictures to social media need not apply.

Do not rely on the journey of another yogi to determine or discourage your personal practice or goals. Stay present and focused on your own path, seeking increased awareness and constant improvement. You live in your body. I live in mine. Your body has lived a different life than mine, so there is no need for comparison. Yoga is all accepting, all inclusive, all unifying.

On a personal note, although I’ve been practicing yoga since 2008, my practice over the years has had its share of ups and downs. It was not until 2018, when I moved from Chicago to Knoxville that my practice blossomed into a lifestyle, and so I adopted the name Knox Yogi.