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Local & Virtual Class Schedule & Details

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is an adapted, gentle form of yoga practiced while sitting on a chair or while standing and using the chair for support. This form of yoga is accessible to all, and is especially beneficial for those seeking to increase mobility, coordination, strength, and balance. Class incorporates breathing exercises, stretching and strengthening postures, body awareness exercises, and a final relaxation.

View a class recording from the archives here


Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a sanskrit term meaning “Yogic Sleep”, and it refers to a deep relaxation technique and form of meditation. These classes often include a brief introduction, a gentle seated warm-up, a yoga nidra practice in a comfortable, reclined position, and time for reflection. No prior experience is necessary.

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Gentle Yoga

Slow flow gentle yoga pairs lengthening movements, strengthening poses, and breath work.  Improve body awareness, balance, alignment, mobility, focus, and flexibility. Positions are supine, seated, standing, kneeling, and prone. A chair, blocks, and straps may be used to offer support and modifications.

Stay tuned for a class recording