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Registration and Booking 101

Knox Yogi is in the process of implementing a new registration and booking system using Momence. Visit the Book Now page for the current schedule and event links, and stay tuned for updated information and instructions! Updated 12-25-21***  

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Virtual Chair Yoga Preparation

These tips help to ensure you have the best possible experience attending virtual chair yoga classes. 1. Use a chair that is stationary, with a sturdy back, and no arm rests. Ideally, the height of the chair will allow your feet to rest on the floor, with the knees at...

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Definition of a Yogi

By definition, a yogi is quite simply “a person who practices yoga”, but those who self-identify as a yogi likely practice yoga with a high level of commitment, self-acceptance, and self-discipline. A woman practicing yoga may also be referred to as a 'yogini,' while...

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What is a RYT?

Yoga Alliance® (YA) is the largest nonprofit, professional membership and trade association representing the yoga community. The mission of YA is to promote and support the integrity and diversity of the teaching of yoga - they achieve this mission by setting...

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