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These tips help to ensure you have the best possible experience attending virtual chair yoga classes.

1. Use a chair that is stationary, with a sturdy back, and no arm rests. Ideally, the height of the chair will allow your feet to rest on the floor, with the knees at a 90 degree angle. Yoga blocks can be placed under the feet or a blanket can be placed on the seat to adjust the height.

2. Class may involve the use of props such as yoga blocks or a yoga strap. If you do not have a set of yoga blocks, I suggest having a set of books nearby during class. If you do not have a yoga strap, I suggest having a scarf or belt nearby during class.

3. If you are unfamiliar with Zoom, please test with a friend or family member prior to class. Creating a Zoom account is not required, but it is recommended and is free of charge. No Zoom technical support will be available during class.

4. A secure internet connection with the bandwidth required to stream a live meeting is necessary to attend class. If possible, limit the number of devices utilizing the internet to stream media during class. No internet technical support will be available during class.

5. 30 minutes prior to each class, you will receive an email reminder with the class Zoom link. This link can be copied and pasted into a browser or used with the Zoom desktop application or mobile app. You will also receive a Meeting ID and Password that can be used to join class from a Zoom account.

6. Arrive to class 5-10 minutes early. Class attendance is monitored through a Waiting Room, and once class begins, the instructor will no longer be able to admit participants to class.

7. Be as seen and social as you would like to be. You are welcome to use video, audio, and chat before or after class. You may also choose not to use video, audio, or chat, if that is your preference. Once class begins, the audio lines will be muted and the chat will not be monitored.